Beginner Music & Piano Classes

No matter what your age, Phoenix Yamaha Music School has a beginning piano class tailor-made for you. Just have a look below to find out where to get started:

Music Wonderland (MW) Ages 3

From 3 years old, children are able to learn about music. Our Music Wonderland Class is designed to be a fun time that will get them acquainted with the keyboard and teach them to love making music! Beginning lessons at this age will give your children a developmental head-start over their peers. Discover Music Wonderland!

Junior Music Course (JMC) Ages 4-5

At 4 years old, Yamaha begins Junior Music Courses. At this age, children love to sing and create their own music. This course lays a foundation for them to express themselves musically. Learn more about our Junior Music Course!

Young Musicians Course (YMC) Ages 6-9

If your child is beginning lessons at 6, they start in this class. At this age, children can grasp more advanced concepts, so we teach music theory along with our singing, ear training, and keyboard techniques. This course is fast paced, and fun! Find out about the Young Musicians Course!

Keyboard Encounters (KE) Age 10+

For those 10 years old and up, we offer the Keyboard Encounters classes. Adults can learn along with older children at a very high speed. Learn about Keyboard Encounters!


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